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Update on ADL Scores and Scores Software

After 10 years of successful use in skilled nursing facilities across the country, we have decided to discontinue selling ADL Scores (also known as Scores Software).  Thank you so much to all our customers and friends who helped us build and deliver a better ADL scoring tool!

Current customers will continue to be supported although we will not be adding new upgrades and enhancements to the software.

Unfortunately the key EHR systems in the market continue to hold down innovation by keeping their ecosystem closed and refusing to integrate with tools like ours. If this ever changes, you'll see us again!

Our sister company MDS Consultants continues to expand and grow and we expect even greater things as we focus on new offerings and making the transition to PDPM easy for our customers.

Learn more about MDS Consultants here or contact us at (954) MDS-3-ADL for more information!

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  • Medicare Eligibilty Evaluations
  • MDS Trraining and Education
  • MDS System Management
  • Data Integrity Audits
  • Emergency MDS Completion