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Test Your Skills with our ADL Quiz!

Will you code your ADL correctly and submit the reimbursement you earned?

Step 1: Code the ADL for this CNA

At the bottom you can see you code this ADL the same way.  If not, you would have under-coded the ADL and lowered your reimbursement.

Watch the video to the right. The CNA is transferring the resident into the bed. Below are the options to code the Late Loss ADL of Transfer in your CURRENT EMR system.

Select the right answer – Your reimbursement depends on it!

Support Provided Categories

Self Performance Categories

Step 2: Code the same ADL using ADL Scores

Now score this ADL using interview questions.  See if you get the same result!

Test how you code Transfer Status on this resident.

Did you touch the resident during their transfer?

Did another person help you?

Did you have to lift any part of their body to transfer them?

Does the resident use a mechanical lift?

Did the resident help you during the transfer?

Step 3: See for Yourself with an ADL Scores Trial

Get a free 30 day trial to see if ADL Scores raises your reimbursements and improves your ADL coding.  Sign up below for a no-obligation trial.