Pricing Per Facility for ADL Scores

Free setup and remote training
No long term contracts
Annual Subscription

Free Month Trial. If your ADL scores and Medicare reimbursements don't improve, simply turn off our software.
No risk. Big reward!

ADL Scores

$99 per month (paid annually)
  • Cloud software subscription to ADL Calculator
  • Unlimited Users and Residents
  • Setup and Training Onsite ($750 + travel) or Remote (Free)
  • Enables CNA Documentation of the 11 Activities of Daily Living. For additional documentation features see CNA Doc Pro.
  • Use on any web ready device

CNA Doc Pro

Custom Quote per Facility or Parent Company
  • All features of ADL Scores included PLUS
  • Documentation of Vitals, Intake, Elimination, Restorative Nursing, Staff Concerns and more!
  • Alerts that notify you of declines and issues
  • Staff Kudos incentive for Mood/Behavior Documentation
  • Free Setup with 2 year agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ADL Scores software do?

ADL Scores software tabulates accurate ADL scores by having CNAs answer a series of simple questions for each of the Activities of Daily Living.  Based on their answers, the software calculates the correct ADL score to be recorded in your EHR.

How much training is needed to get started?

CNAs can start using ADL Scores within minutes - it's an intuitive and easy to follow process that takes little time to master.  During setup, ADL Scores experts will train your MDS Coordinators and Nurses on using the advanced reporting and analysis tools available in ADL Scores.

How do I get your ADL Scores into my Minimum Data Set (MDS) records?

We have found that MDS Coordinators save time and effort by copying our ADL scores into MDS'.  Even when ADL scores are in the same EHR system, our software lowers the administrative burden on MDS Coordinators by ensuring CNA documentation is complete and accurate - and makes MDS' much easier to complete.

Are you integrated with my EHR system?

ADL Scores is will integrate with any EHR system that allows us.  Please recognize that many EHRs are reluctant to let us integrate as they incorrectly view ADL Scores as a competing product.  Currently we integrate to:

  • WinCare (LINK).
What if we have problems with our ADLs?

ADL Scores software was developed in the field by practitioners.  These MDS experts used ADL Scores in the field every day and can help with any issues that arise.

Our sister company MDS Consultants provides MDS training, temporary MDS Coordinators, MDS Audits for corporate compliance, Case Mix Index management and Medicare and Medicaid auditing.